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AAG Electrical has established itself as a leader in both residential and commercial electrical services. Experienced in electrical, maintenance and repairs, AAG Electrical offers a full menu of services provided by qualified, experienced professional electricians. Services include wiring design and schematics, wiring installation, field wiring, trenching, sign and parking lot lighting design and implementation, generator installation, unground wiring detection and electrical fire hazard inspections (residential and commercial). Power quality services are also available for buildings experiencing repeated problems with blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, power outages and other similar inconveniences.

AAG Electrical understands that blackouts and power outages can cause severe problems in homes and businesses. Protect against data loss, dangerous loss of climate control, food spoilage and other related issues with a generator selected specifically to meet your needs. Our generators start up within ten seconds of power loss detection; don't let electrical problems be a road block in life or business.

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We offers a variety of specialty lighting services for residential and commercial applications, including landscape lighting, design and implementation of parking lot lighting schemes, home lighting design, holiday lighting installation and removal, recessed lighting and energy-efficient lighting solutions. We also offer comprehensive electrical upgrades, perfect for clients who are remodeling their homes or constructing additions. Our most popular upgrade services include fuse box/circuit breaker upgrades, smoke and carbon monoxide detector upgrades, installation of additional electrical outlets, and childproofing for outlets and exposed wiring.

We proudly provides a broad selection of commercial electrical services, including generator standby systems, full or partial building rewiring, electrical outlet installation and repair, weather-proofing outdoor electrical outlets and high voltage repairs. The company also offers code compliance inspections and automated energy conservation systems. AAG Electrical’s expert electricians are in high demand among organizations that are constructing additions and/or making major renovations to their property; commercial clients trust us to design, build and service electrical networks that are safe, powerful and conserve electricity. Energy conservation is very important for businesses large and small; efficient electric installations lower energy bills and reduce the burden on the local grid. This is particularly important during sweltering summer heatwaves, when blackouts can contribute to serious health problems for heat-sensitive individuals.

AAG Electrical is also recognized as a leading name in electrical troubleshooting for homes and businesses. Power surges, faulty wiring, improper electrical installation and damage caused by floods, fires and earthquakes can compromise the electrical integrity of residences and commercial buildings. Our comprehensive electrical inspections reveal flaws and potential problems that may lead to catastrophic data loss, fire, power loss and the malfunctioning of vital equipment such as smoke detectors and medical machinery. Our inspectors perform comprehensive inspections that reveal potential issues other inspectors may have missed. After the inspection, the inspector will generate a detailed report that includes all findings and the recommended solutions to problems that have been revealed.

We offers a full complement of electrical security options to residential and commercial clients. Electronic motion detectors, door alarms and other similar equipment are vital parts of many security strategies, but only if they're properly installed and maintained. We offer installation and maintenance of many different security devices; our expert electricians recommend the best locations for each type of alarm, and can perform even complicated wall mounting and electrical hookups that leave no unsightly wall holes or dangling, exposed wires.

We invite you to telephone us today and set up a consultation at your home or place of business. At AAG Electrical, no job is too large or too small; our friendly, courteous customer service professionals are happy to answer questions, address concerns and schedule appointments at your convenience. Please ask us for a list of references in your area; we have worked hard to forge our reputation as one of the best in the industry and our roster of satisfied clients is a testament to those efforts.