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AAG Electrical Services is your premier electrical contractor in the Sun Valley region. With fully trained professionals and a courteous, knowledgeable staff, we strive to provide the best in installation, service, and repair. Commercial or residential, our certified crews are able to tackle any rough job or handle any delicate and technical assignment, ensuring that you have the best wiring available at highly competitive prices. From basic inspection detail to heavy duty motion activated outdoor lightning, AAG is up and ready for the task.

We understand that when you want your property or home inspected, you want to be sure that every circuit and breaker is in perfect working condition. AAG won't attempt to upsell you or fix what isn't broken, but won't rubber stamp either. You can rest easily, knowing that your house or business has been thoroughly checked. No chances of short outs, faults, mislaid wires or any other dangers.

We provide a wide variety of lighting solutions, from indoor kitchen, bathroom, and holiday lighting, to specialty wireless and softlit outlets, to motion activated security lighting. Whether you're looking for something to brighten up the holidays, something that will provide the perfect mood lighting no matter which room you're in, or just for that extra sense of safety and security that comes from a well-lit backyard, AAG has the solution.

Speaking of safety and security, AAG Electrical Services offers a variety of safety measures for your home. From dedicated circuits and wiring upgrades, to childproof outlets, shock prevention devices, surge protectors and smoke detectors; we offer high end safety measures for your abode. You can be assured that your children won't be able to harm themselves due to their curiosity, and that any smoke or Carbon Monoxide will be detected, allowing you to keep your family safe.

Struggling with the heat, but wanting to save extra on your heating and cooling bills? AAG offers ceiling and exhaust fan installations, perfect for keeping cool during the long summer months. A wooden or metal ceiling fan can also be quite the attractive decoration to your living room, dining room, or bedroom. Furthermore, we offer the best in backup and standby generators, in case a storm or grid blowout interrupts service, you can rest assured that your conditioning and power will continue on, hopefully until the grid can be put back up. In times of trouble, AAG can offer some ease.

Along with saving money, AAG Electrical can also help your home become more efficient, offering specialty receptacles and energy saving lighting. Shaving off money from your power bill without sacrificing the quality of lighting in your home is a top priority for AAG. With rising energy costs, most customers think the investment in efficiency pays for itself.

All of these services and more are available throughout the Sun Valley region. If you have any work, from the smallest bit of rewiring to large scale lighting, wiring, and generator installation, any and all of your electrical construction needs can be fulfilled by AAG.